Flashback Tuesday

Okay, so, I didn’t everything I wanted in yesterday. BUT, it turns out that Outfit of the Week won’t be here until AFTER the 12th, because my phone is on the fritz. On a different note, I had some very good entertainment yesterday at school. I know, I know, its hard to believe. Think about it this way though. If you’re so utterly bored at school, then what are you doing wrong? Are you in any clubs? Activities? Actually like any of the teachers? If you said no to all of these, then its time you at least find amusement in something, no matter what it is.

ANYWAY, awhile ago, my friend’s cousin came to live in my town and yesterday was his first day of school. Naturally, I tried to prepare him on the bus about what to expect because A)He was cute, B)He’s the cousin of one of my oldest friends, C)My school can be pretty tough, and D)Same as A. When he actually got to school, however, it turned out he’s only in two of my classes, which makes it pretty hard to keep an eye on him. Throughout the day, I saw him struggling to get from class to class, and not because he was confused about the schedule and where to go. Nonononono. It was because of the girls. About 90% of the girls in my grade, including the ones with boyfriends, WOULD NOT SHUT UP about how ‘cute and hot the new guy was’. They literally followed him around the school like little puppies. One of my friends later on even told me that she saw like, a dozen girls outside the men’s restroom while he was in there. MAJOR uggh. Yes, I thought he was cute, but I didn’t have a crush on him. Like, why would you even think that? Although, it was all pretty funny.


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