My Life in a Nutshell

Sooo, this weekend. Oh, what a weekend. If you recall, I had posted the Quote of the Week on Saturday. Shortly after that, I had to walk home and get ready for my cousin’s collage football game at Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium. I was gone for NINE HOURS, before I finally got home. During the game, my cousin’s college, the Missouri Central University Mules, were doing pretty good until halftime. Once my phone is back up and running(I dropped it on some bleachers), I’ll hopefully be able to post some pictures about that. Unfortunately, the Bearcats of who-knows-what college won the game with twenty five points against seventeen. And that’s just Saturday! On Sunday, I made my little sister a mermaid skirt and terrorized some little kids. I’m not mean like that! I was just helping my brothers out with a monster hunting group they put together. I was a Category Five monster, and I SWEAR I was set up! Have you ever been mugged by half a dozen little brats? No, you haven’t, have you? Now my leg hurts like the devil is poking it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you what happened today!


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