My Life in a Nutshell

When one of my friends look at me, I have absolutely no clue what they see. Probably some well-fed crazy girl who takes notes on fellow classmates, is extremely awkward around other people, and who has a big family. What they don’t see, and this is the annoying part, is what I’m really like. I could out-lie any of my friends, keep a secret like nobody’s business, and know exactly what to do if you broke your ankle in the forest and help was hours away. Besides that, I rarely eat. I rarely sleep. And I’m CONSTANTLY being ignored. Some people might protest that no, they pay attention to me. But they don’t. If they talk to me, it’s almost always about them, or a new makeup technique they think I should try because they don’t pay attention enough to see that I WEAR MAKEUP EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN’ DAY. This morning, my friend told me about a date her boyfriend took her on over the weekend. I tried to tell her that I was able to go to an extra Fall Party for my church on Saturday, and I got some candy that I was willing to share. These are her EXACT WORDS. “Oh, that sounds fun! Yeah, I’d love some, whatever you have. Hey! Did I show you the present my boyfriend gave me?” Anyone else have this problem?


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